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I was born and lived half of my life in Brazil. I still find it difficult to describe what the country is like when asked. Although this diverse gigantic land of indescribable natural beauty catches my attention, what really touches my heart is the feeling that I get from people when I visit. No matter what conditions people live in, they are kind, happy and optimistic. No other human being is like Brazilians, with the mixture of diverse races, local indigenous habitants, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Arabs and Jews under the sun, I believe that is this the secret sauce. When the Brazilian soccer team enters a stadium, the world smiles. 


My favorite city is Sao Paulo, where I am from. Every time I visit, I feel like I have arrived in a different city as it is constantly changing and improving. I have travelled through different parts of the world for studies, work or tourism, and some places I would like to return. Sao Paulo however is certainly the city that impresses me the most, by its energy, progress, architecture and specially by its habitants that unlike other big cities, maintain their kindness and love for life no matter the struggle.

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